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This database is strictly a research guide. The English Montreal School Board is not in a position to recommend or endorse any resources that are non- EMSB entities. We strongly suggest that readers research these resources to determine if they are appropriate for the care of their child and meet their specific needs.

If you would like to recommend a resource for this list, please Email Us

Physical Aid Resources (including toys)

Ablesee (Beaujoie)

Creates and produces overlays for computer keyboards and other equipment. Large print overlays are suitable for children and adults who are visually impaired but not blind.

Address: 70 Place Levis, Saint-Bruno, Quebec J3V 1J9
Tel: 450-461-2227
Email: info@beaujoie.com
Website: www.beaujoie.com/en

Easy Access Clothing

Online store with practical, functional clothing and products for disabled children and adults. 

Tel: 1-800-775-5536
Website: www.easyaccessclothing.com

FDMT - Favoriser le Développement  Maximal de Tous 

Specializes in sensory-motor, oral-motor and tools to support development, adapted equipment (weighted blankets, weighted animals...) and products (Visual Timers, Pencil Grips...) used to promote sensory integration and facilitate the learning of children with special needs such as: Autism, PDD, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD and ADD, Dyspraxia, Dysphagia, etc.

Address: 420 Rue Jean Neveu, Longueuil, Quebec J4G 1N8
Tel: 1-866-465-0559
Email: service@fdmt.ca
Website: https://www.fdmt.ca/en

Groupe We Care (Formerly Portable Wheelchair Ramps)

Specializing in portable wheelchair ramps of all shapes and sizes. Ships across Canada.

Address: Location: Montreal
Tel: 1-866-416-1024
Email: info@groupe-we-care.ca
Website: www.portablewheelchairramps.ca


Has technology products for people with visual disabilities. HumanWare provides intuitive, intelligent products that will assist to participate in today's information society.

Address: 1800, Michaud street Drummondville, Quebec J2C 7G7
Tel: 1-888-723-7273
Email: info@humanware.com
Website: www.humanware.com

J.E. Hanger Ltd.

Offers a variety of services which include manufacturing of orthotic and prosthetic devices. A variety of safety and home care equipment is available at all their locations, as well as daily physiotherapy and orthopedic services.

Address: Head Office: 5545 St. Jacques West, Quebec H4A 2E3 See website for various branch locations.
Tel: 514-489-8213
Website: www.jehanger.com

JRH Health Science Information Centre 

The Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital Medical Library has close to 400 books with special emphasis on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. They subscribe to 80 current journals in physical and occupational therapy, dysphagia, speech therapy, clinical rehabilitation, vestibular therapy, among numerous rehabilitation specialities.

Address: 1755 boulevard René-Laennec Laval, Québec H7M 3L9
Tel: 450-668-1010 ext. 23215
Website: www.lavalensante.com/en/jewish-rehabilitation-hospital/programs-services/medical-library/

Koolway Sports

Designs and manufactures outerwear for individuals with disabilities.

Address: 8 Balsdon Crescent, Whitby, Ontario, L1P 1L5
Tel: 905-493-3188
Email: info@koolwaysports.com
Website: www.koolwaysports.com

Mira Foundation

Offers free guide dogs and service dogs for people who are blind, have reduced mobility or children with ASD.

Address: 1820, Rang Nord-Ouest, Sainte-Madeleine, Quebec J0H 1S0
Tel: 450-795-3725
Email: info@mira.ca
Website: www.mira.ca/en/

Philips Lifeline

Is a medical alert system that allows the user to summon for help 7/24. The transmitter can be worn as a bracelet or pendant.

Tel: 1-866-970-6536
Website: www.lifeline.ca/en


Provides senior accompany services to individuals who cannot leave their home alone.

Address: 2030 Pie-IX Blvd, Suite 215, Montreal, Quebec, H1V 2C8
Tel: 514-288-9775
Email: accueil@pimo.qc.ca
Website: www.pimo.qc.ca

Royal Victoria - Rotary Lifeline of the McGill University Health Centre

The service is a home emergency response system. The user wears a pendant or a bracelet and assistance is available 24 hours.

Address: 687 Pine Ave. West suite F609, Montreal QC H3A 1A1
Tel: 514- 843-1670
Website: www.infoneuro.com/index.php?option=com_resources&view=showitem&id=2000&thelang=eng&Itemid= &lang=en

Slawner LTEE

Full-service provider of a variety of aides as well as orthotics and prosthetics.

Address: 4980 Jean Talon W., Montreal, Quebec H4P 1W9
Tel: 514-731-3378
Email: info@slawner.com
Website: www.slawnerortho.com/

Tic Tac Clic

Initiate and improve your children's writing skills using innovative products and formation.

Address: 303 Chemin De La Grande-Cote, Rosemere, Quebec, J7A 1J7
Tel: 514-962-2542
Website: https://rgoclic.com/tic-tac-clic/

Wil+Aide Medical

Sales, rentals, installations, and delivery of a variety of aides (scooters, wheelchairs, hospital beds, lifts, and handles.)

Address: 318 St. Jacques, Lachine, Quebec H8R 1E2
Tel: 514-363-0856
Email: wilaide@gmail.com
Website: www.wilaidemedical.com

Adapted toys / adaptive toys


Sells a few doll wheelchair sets. These sets can consist of a wheelchair, crutches, arm cast, leg cast and bandage. These sets are for the American Girl doll which is not included.

Website:  https://www.amazon.ca

Bridges Canada

Their focus is on assistive technology for learning, communication, alternative access, low vision and blindness needs. 
Tel: 1-800-353-1107
Email: info@bridges-canada.com
Website: www.bridges-canada.com/collections/toys

Discovery Toys

Their goal is to deliver a rich personal experience to children with autism and special needs.

Tel: 1-800-341-8697
Email: contact@discoverytoys.net
Website: www.discoverytoys.com

Pierre Belvédère Inc.

A large array of educational toys, games, puzzles, and stuffed animals. The website offers several online catalogues.

Address: 2555, avenue Dollard, Bâtiment 1, LaSalle Quebec H8N 1S2
Tel: 514 286-2880
Website: www.pierrebelvedere.com

Sew Dolling

Their Sew “ABLE” doll series has an extensive range of disabled dolls and disability related items. Some of these items are wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, parallel bars, trampolines, gym mats, and Swiss therapy balls.

Address: P.O. Box 53, East Greenwich, RI 02818
Tel: FAX: 401-398-0070
Website: http://www.sew-dolling.com

TFH Special Needs Toys Canada Inc.

Toys and sensory play equipment for special needs children.

Address: 16-1750 Plummer Street, Pickering, Ontario, L1W 3L7
Tel: 877-509-7524
Email: info@tfhcanada.ca
Website: www.specialneedstoys.com

Toys R Us

Google Toys R Us Guide for Differently-Abled Kids. The website offers 10 categories of related toys.

Website: https://www.toysrus.ca/en/home


Safetracks GPS Canada (formerly iLOC Technologies Inc)

Produces GPS Locators that tell you the location of a special needs person should they have a tendency to wander.

Address: 6500 Trans-Canada Highway Suite 340 Pointe-Claire, Montreal, QC H9R 0A5
Tel: 514-987- 4562
Email: info@safetracksgps.ca
Website: www.iloctech.com


Products that provide easy access to important information in case of emergencies. Their ID bracelets and bands feature contact information. The fluorescent products are waterproof with LED technology to light up in the night. Battery operated.

Address: 3673 Av. Hôtel-De-Ville ,Montréal, QC H2X 3B9
Tel: 514-886-1529
Website: https://www.facebook.com/whoamiIDPRODUCTS