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Inspirations is much more than a newspaper. It is a resource that informs and connects parents, caregivers, teachers, students and the public-at-large to the special needs community. Our quarterly publications, our events, extensive community outreach, and our database of special needs resources are the staples which drive Inspirations. The hub of special needs news in the Greater Montreal and surrounding areas, Inspirations reaches as far as Laval, the West Island and the South Shore.

On our website, you will find links to our print and online editions, upcoming events, our articles, social feeds, and award recipients. Our goal is to inspire, encourage and celebrate the accomplishments and challenges of people with special needs. We break down barriers, promote inclusion, and exchange and consolidate information. Our database of special needs resources, which is housed right here on our website, shares over 500 resources that service our special needs community.

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Sponsored by the English Montreal School Board,Inspirations is a non-profit organization that is supported by advertising sales, sponsorships and donations.
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