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New Podcast - Discover the Child Life department at the Shriners Hospital

By: Inspirations News

An integral part of the Shriners Hospital, the Child Life department aims to help kids (and parents!) normalize their hospital experience by reducing stress and cope during medical procedures. Listen as Mark Bergman chats with Child Life Specialist Angie Gugliotti, as well as parent Christine Elvidge, 10 year old Sari Bennet, and Keera Taylor who recently completed her internship at the hospital. Keera created an unbelievable project where patients created their own Tik Tok videos!

Part 2 - Highlighting social enterprise in Montreal with Zera Café

By: Mark Bergman

Our 2 part series on Montreal social enterprises continues, with an in depth chat about the importance of social enterprise in our society and what it takes to launch. Joining Mark Bergman are founder and director of Zera Cafe- Eve Rochman, as well a Zera Cafe cook- Ricky Malus!

How the Friendship Revolution came to be.

By: Mark Bergman

Take a listen behind the scenes, about what inspired the Friendship Revolution. The film follows the year long journey of sixty teens and young adults, with and without disabilities, co-creating innovative projects to break down the barriers to inclusion. Listen, as Mark Bergman chats with Leibel Rodal, Steven Abad, Dr. Liz Cooper, Eva Levin, and Mushka Rom.

Five friends with special needs come together to share one dream.

By: Mark Bergman

Five friends, all diagnosed with autism/aspergers, created a film where they share their accomplishments, hoping to inspire viewers to follow their dreams. The Power Of One, is about inclusion and diversity despite differences with special needs, beliefs, race and rough backgrounds. Listen, as Mark Bergman chats with Steven Atme (producer &ndirector), and Fareed Gul (co-writer, actor & songwriter).The film premiers March 13th & 14th at the Vanier College Auditorium.

Learn more about the SCERT Conference!

By: Mark Bergman

Mark Bergman chats with Clinical Director of the SCERT Conference, Ed Cukier. We'll be covering everything from independence & autonomy, to sexuality, parental stress, and more! Find out about all the amazing sessions you'll be able to attend, by listening to this episode. Thanks to Marathon Souvlaki for sponsoring this episode of the Inspirations News Podcast!

CAMILLE: An immersive and multi sensational show!

By: Mark Bergman

Mark Bergman chats with META-nominated Concordia University professor, Audrey-Anne Bouchard, about her stunning multi-disciplinary show called CAMILLE. This unique project has been specifically designed for people living with a visual impairment.

Meet Claudio Tamburri, from I Christopher

By: Mark Bergman

I Christopher deals with the struggles of finding and maintaining a job with our lead character Christopher on the autism spectrum. The struggle also goes into depth in asking questions such as what’s his role in society? What can he contribute to society? Can he be loved or accepted in a world that’s moving too fast for him to catch up? Christopher is played by Claudio Tamburri, who has not only written this production but is making his solo performance debut at the 2019 Montreal FRINGE.

The amazing services at the Giant Step Resource & Training Center.

By: Mark Bergman

Mark Bergman speaks with Marla Cable about the incredible services at the Giant Step Resource & Training Center!

Galileo SIS students chat about their digital storytelling projects

By: Inspirations News

Check out this incredibly inspiring conversation with teachers and students of Galileo Adult Education Center, about their I Belong Project, and how this digital storytelling journey led them to the Hands On Media Film Festival!
Joining us on this episode:

  • Martina Schaivone - Galileo Principal
  • Lisa Trotto - SIS Teacher
  • Jessie Curell- Hands on Media Founder
  • Alexis Gerin Lajoie - SIS Student & film creator
  • Alex Ponte - SIS Student & film creator

Living with autism, during the COVID-19 pandemic

By: Steven Atme

The last few months have been a challenge for us all. But how did the sudden break in routine, affect those living with autism? Listen, as Mark Bergman chats with Kelly Bron Johnson, founder and consultant at Completely Inclusive, and Steve Atme, singer, producer, writer, and the director of the movie, the Power Of One. They'll discuss the challenges, but also some of the good that's come out of this pandemic!

Vanessa Grimaldi's No Better You Foundation

By: Mark Bergman

Vanessa Grimaldi, best known for winning The Bachelor Season 21, has always focused her attention on bringing awareness to students with learning disabilities. Host Mark Bergman chats with Vanessa about the reason why the area of special needs is so important to her, the benefits of the amazing sensory rooms that she has donated, and news about her new podcast! We'll also meet her podcast assistant, Alexander Ferla Coirazza, who opens up about austim and anxiety. Hear Alex's story, and how Vanessa is helping him build up his career and confidence!

Discover the incredible I Can Dream Theatre!

By: Mark Bergman

You'll be inspired and uplifted by discovering the I Can Dream Theatre, a theatre group created for those with special needs. Host Mark Bergman chats with Musical Director/Choreographer Michele Matthews about their latest production "Saving Marvel", and how the group was created. Mark also chats with cast member Julie Myhr about how the I Can Dream Theatre has helped her grow & thrive throughout the years, as well as her inclusive journey thus far.

Autism Speaks Canada Dog Walk Montréal - more than just a dog walk!

By: Mark Bergman

Host Mark Bergman chats with Krista Leitham & Matthew Moses about why the Autism Speaks Canada Dog Walk Montréal is more than just a dog walk! This podcast will walk cover increasing awareness, understanding, acceptance and inclusion for the autism community, and what it's like to live day to day with autism.

Learn more about the EMSB's Assistive Technology!

By: Mark Bergman

In this episode, Mark Bergman chats with a grade 6 student and her teacher at Coronation School, about how the EMSB's assistive technology has helped her thrive and succeed in school!

Our exclusive chat with Rick Lavoie

By: Mark Bergman

On our second episode of the Inspirations Podcast, Mark Bergman sits down with world renowned, special education expert, and motivational speaker Rick Lavoie. This episode deals with Rick's "theory of fairness", how to better communicate within a special needs family, and the one thing a parent needs to deal with a child with learning disabilities.

Part 1 : Highlighting social enterprises that hire and train people with special needs, featuring DeLaMie bakery.

By: Mark Bergman

In celebration of Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month in Montreal, GenMTL's Pay it Forward for Purim initiative, along with DeLaMie Bakery saw 200 Purim Baskets go out to people in the Montreal community. Listen, as Mark Bergman chats with fundraiser organizers and members of the DeLaMie bakery, about the importance of social enterprise in Montreal!

Boccia champ Alison Levine: Determination, adaptation, and isolation.

By: Mark Bergman

Alison Levine is ranked #1 in the world in boccia, a sport for physically disabled athletes. As she was in the final stages of preparation for the 2020 Paralympics, COVID-19 hit, and it was decided that the games would be postponed until next summer. Join Mark Bergman, as he chats with Alison about how learning to adapt has been crucial in preparing her for how to deal with isolation and preparation for summer 2021.

Students at the Mackay Centre & Philip E. Layton schools, share their love.

By: Mark Bergman

This Valentines's Day, we decided to visit the amazing students and staff at the Mackay Centre & Philip E. Layton schools. Mark Bergman asked them about a person they love, why they love that person so much, and how that person makes them feel? Have a listen! You're going to LOVE what they had to say!

Les Hiboux De Montreal - Montreal's blind hockey team!

By: Mark Bergman

Now in their 41st season, Le Hiboux De Montreal is a team composed of visually impaired people in the greater metropolitan area. The team is recognized as a leader in team sports for people with visual disabilities. Mark Bergman chats with players Francois Beauregard and Bruno Hache about the growing popularity of blind hockey, and some of the incredible challenges involved in playing a high intensity sport while being visually impaired.

Center for the Arts in Human Development

By: Mark Bergman

The Centre for the Arts in Human Development (CAHD) at Concordia University, established in 1996, is an educational, clinical and research centre serving adults with developmental disabilities and other special needs populations. On this episode, Mark Bergman will chat with Director of Clinical Services and Public Outreach, Lenore Vosberg, as well as CAHD member, Robbie Zunenshine. They'll chat about all the amazing services offered at the centre, as well as the big Nikki Yanofsky concert coming up on November 13th!

Montreal's Special Needs Shira Choir

By: Mark Bergman

Host Mark Bergman chats with Cantor Danny Benlolo about Montreal's incredible Shira Choir! Listen to their incredible talent, and find out how singing brings out the amazing potential of people with disabilities.

What makes Strategic Learning Centre different from other learning centres?

By: Mark Bergman

On this episode of The Inspirations Podcast, Mark Bergman sits down with director of the Strategic Learning Center, David Schipper. You'll learn how to spot learning difficulties with your child and how Strategic Learning Center can help in ways that no one else can!