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Montreal Woman with Cerebral Palsy will tell her story at Montreal Fringe Festival

Awkward Ballerina
Montreal - Thursday, May 19, 2022

“The Awkward Ballerina" written and performed by Pincourt’s Kristin Govers and directed by TJ Dawe is a true story about growing up with cerebral palsy, wanting to be a ballet dancer and having to reimagine that dream. It explores Kristin Govers challenges and triumphs as a child and young adolescent.

I spoke to Govers and you can see our short video interview below:

Govers will be performing six solo plays, that run approximately an hour in length, at this year's Montreal Fringe Festival. Audiences will travel through the life of this talented new voice, through her hardships, trials and tribulations, as she waxes poetically about things she has had to overcome. Some personal, some at the hands and sharp-tongues of others. From being singled out, physically and mentally abused by her peers - to her own coming to terms with life as a disabled person, "The Awkward Ballerina" is an emotional tour-de-force. One that will have audience members roaring with laughter one minute, and in shock and despair the next.

The goal of "The Awkward Ballerina," is to raise awareness for people with disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, and to the bullying that still occurs in all facets of modern society. Humanity has a come a long way, but there still is a lot more growing we, as a collective species, need to strive for. Through spoken word, Govers strives to tackle these issues head-on and raise awareness for those who don't have a voice.

Govers told me  she has  Spastic CP, characterized by jerky movements, muscle tightness and joint stiffness. This type of CP often makes simple tasks more challenging, such as walking or picking up small objects. 

“I walk with a limp and I have coordination issues,” she said. “I was bullied from a young age. When I was sick a girl who lived next door shoved me in a garbage can. Because of my CP I could not get out. My mother had to come get me.”

Govers said she is grateful for the support of her husband Marc-André Lalonde and  her four year old son Patrick


  • June 11th @ 19:30
  • June 12th @ 14:30
  • June 15th @ 20:45
  • June 16th @ 17:00
  • June 18th @ 22:15
  • June 19th @ 16:45

Where: Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montréal

Venue: V1-Hydro Quebec Studio

Tickets: Available at www.montrealfringe.ca

I spoke to Govers and you can see our short video interview below: