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This database is strictly a research guide. The English Montreal School Board is not in a position to recommend or endorse any resources that are non- EMSB entities. We strongly suggest that readers research these resources to determine if they are appropriate for the care of their child and meet their specific needs.

If you would like to recommend a resource for this list, please Email Us


Transportation Expenses
You may claim expenses for transportation, parking and accommodation if you are required to travel, frequently and on a regular basis, in order for your child to receive medical treatment (for example, dialysis) or rehabilitation services. Contact your local CSSS (CLSC).
In addition, if you or your child receives benefits under the Social Assistance and Social Solidarity
Programs, you may be entitled to a refund of a portion of the travel expenses you incur for medical
reasons. Contact your local employment centre.

Adaptive Transport

Paratransit Services

If your child cannot use the regular public transit system, he or she may have access to the paratransit service of the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), Laval and Longueuil.

Montreal Centre Transport Adapté - Société de transport de Montréal (STM)

Address: 311 Jarry Street East Montreal, Quebec, H1Z2C2
Tel: 514-280-8211
Website: www.stm.info


Tel: 450-662-8356 or 450 973-3111
Website: www.stl.laval.qc.ca/


Tel: 450 670-2992
Website: www.rtl-longueuil.qc.ca/

The STM of Montreal has a user’s guide called Transport Adapté Handbook for Customers. This 38- page guide is available for free by visiting the website www.stm.info/en/para

Regroupement des usagers du transport adapté (RUTA)

Works to improve the transportation service of the STM, looks after complaints from users and gives information that could not be obtained from the STM. For disabled persons using adapted transport services.

Address: 6363, Chemin Hudson, Bureau 152, Montréal, Quebec H3S 1M9
Tel: 514-255-0765
Email: info@rutamtl.com
Website: www.rutamtl.com

Taxi Para-Adapté

24 hours/day, 7 days/week on the island of Montreal. Accessible taxi. 24 hours advance booking required.

Tel: 514-277-3344
Email: info@taxiparaadapte.ca
Website: https://www.taxiparaadapte.ca/

Regular Transportation Services: Air, bus, train

Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz and West Jet have implemented a “one person, one fare” policy, whereby the attendant travels free of charge. This policy applies to flights within Canada. Please note that all applicable taxes remain payable. This policy applies to people with a disability who require an attendant to meet their personal and safety needs during a flight, or who require an additional seat for themselves.

Air Canada, information: Medical Assistance Desk, by phone at 1-800-667-4732 or click here www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/plan/medical-mobility/travel-with-an-attendant.html. This page lists links to other related disability topics.

West Jet, information: West Jet Sales Centre, by phone at 1-866-693-7853 (ask for the Special Care Team Desk) or click here www.westjet.com/en-ca/travel-info/special-needs/index

Air Transat: This carrier offers a 50% discounted rate for the escort. For more information, see Special needs section on the Internet. This discount is only available on flights to and from the US. Your travel agent must send a request to request@airtransat.com

For more information about travelling with a companion, please click https://www.airtransat.com/en-CA/travel-information/special-services/accessibility-special-needs-and-medical-equipment or call them at 1-888-222-2592 , TTY: 1-800-669-5575

Montreal Trudeau Airport offers several adapted services for the hearing impaired, people with limited mobility or in wheelchairs, and vision impaired. For more information on these services, please visit www.admtl.com/en/guide/adapted-services

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport also has a Premium Kids program, which is a day for children with autism or functional limitations and their families to familiarize themselves with the airport.

For information contact: EnPremiere@admtl.com

Intercity Bus Travel
If your child is aged eight or older and has a permanent disability and requires assistance for intercity bus travel, he or she is entitled to the Quebec Bus Service Attendant Card. This card allows the accompanying person to travel for free across the entire intercity network. To apply for the card, call 1-844-476-8181

Greyhound Buses
Some greyhound buses are available with wheelchair ramps to give access to people with reduced mobility. Users of mobility scooters that can climb the bus's stairs unaided may store their scooter in the luggage hold at no extra charge. Mobility impaired customers must contact the Travel Assist Office, 1- 800-752-4841 at least 48 hours prior to travel in order to confirm that the required services will be available. In some circumstances, Greyhound provides a personal care attendant for people with disabilities travelling alone. A letter from a health professional is required in order to reserve this service. Guide dogs and other service animals are permitted onboard the bus.

Public transit
If your child has a visual or intellectual impairment, he or she is entitled to the STM attendant card, which gives the person accompanying him or her free bus and metro access. Please contact your paratransit organization for more information.

In certain circumstances, VIA Rail offers free travel to one companion accompanying a person with disabilities. The special needs traveller must present, for each trip, a valid card from a recognized association or institution for persons with disabilities (CNIB, Easter Seals, Epilepsy Canada, The War Amps, MAB-MACKAY Rehabilitation Centre), or a recent letter dated within the last nine months (unless the letter states that the condition is permanent) and signed by a physician. For more information: 1- 888-842-7245. For complete information click www.viarail.ca/en/travel-info/special-needs.

Additional Accompanying Programs

Association Québécoise Pour les Loisir des Personnes Handicapées (AQLPH)

The Association issues an Accompanying Leisure Card (CAL). The Card grants free admission to the companion of the person with a disability. It is valid in leisure, cultural and tourist events. The CAL is free and available to residents of Quebec from the age of five.

Tel: 1-833-693-2253
Website: www.keroul.qc.ca/en/free-for-accompanying-person.html

Easter Seals Canada

The Access 2 Entertainment Card entitles free admission to the companion of the person with a disability. The card costs $20.00 for three years or $30.00 for five years. It can be used in many theatres and other places.

Tel: 1-877-376-6362
Email: access2card@easterseals.ca
Website: www.access2card.ca

Cars / Vans / Parking

Parking Permits

If your child has a mobility impairment, a special parking permit allows you to park in spaces reserved for persons with disabilities. To obtain this permit, please contact La Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec.

Tel: 514-873-7620
Website: www.saaq.gouv.qc.ca/en/persons-mobility-impairment/obtaining-disabled-parking-permit

Vehicle Adaptation Program

You may be entitled to financial assistance to help you adapt your family vehicle so that your child can get in and out safely and easily. Please contact La Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec

Tel: 1-800-525-7719
Website: www.saaq.gouv.qc.ca/en/persons-mobility-impairment/vehicle-purchase-or-adaptation/

Constance Lethbridge Rehabilitation Centre

They have a Driving Evaluation and Vehicle Adaptation Program. The therapist will conduct a driving evaluation and identify what adaptations (there are many) the special needs driver may need.

Address: 7005 Boulevard De Maisonneuve West, Montreal, QC H4B 1T3
Tel: 514-487-1770
Website: https://www.llmrc.ca/program-and-services/by-service/driving-evaluation-and-vehicle-adaptation-program/

Eureka Solutions

Vehicle adaptations.

Address: 2755, Montée St-Hubert, Longueuil, Quebec, J3Y 4H6
Tel: 1-866-562-2555 ext 242
Website: www.eurekasolution.com/en/

TVR Technologies inc

Vehicle adaptations.

Address: 595 Lanaudière, Repentigny, Quebec, J6A-7N1
Tel: 450-582-2555
Website: www.tvrtechnologies.com/vehicules-adaptes

Savaria (formerly Van Action)

Vehicle/motorcycle adaptations.

Address: 4870 Rue Courval, Saint-Laurent QC, H4T 1L1
Tel: 450-681-5655
Email: info@savaria.com
Website: www.savaria.com/products/vans/