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Montreal - Tuesday, November 29, 2022

‘Knowledge is power:’ Database shares over 500 resources

Fay Schipper, taken at her home in Côte Saint-Luc on October 13. Photos: Wendy Singer

Fay Schipper, taken at her home in Côte Saint-Luc on October 13.

The English Montreal School Board’s Database of Special Needs Resources is hosted on the Inspirations’ website. It is accessible to all, and frequently consulted by professionals, educators, families, caregivers and people with special needs. With just a couple of clicks you can search for resources by section, be they for therapy, recreational activities, vocational, camps and respite care or financial services and more.

Our exceptional volunteer, Fay Schipper, has meticulously revamped and has been updating the database for many years. “I am very pleased with what I have produced. Our database is very informative. It covers a wide spectrum from A to Z,” she said.

Schipper recognizes that parents are overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn, and is happy to support them by keeping the database current. She fondly recalls one father thanking her for her work. “My son went to a summer camp that he really enjoyed,” he said. “Without the database I wouldn’t have known about it.”

“Knowledge is power,” said Schipper. “One hand helps the other hand.” Consult our database at and click on Special Needs Database.

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Readership survey supports new direction

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In the month of June, Inspirations conducted a readership survey to identify your interests and concerns. We asked what topics you find most helpful, and if content on the topic of positive mental health would be of interest and benefit to you.

Your feedback has provided us with invaluable direction in the areas of both special needs and positive mental health, with some pointing out how the two topics intermingle. One parent expressed, “Caring for a special needs child is all about mental health.”

We thank you for taking the time to complete our survey, for your encouraging words and valued feedback. We have taken note of your suggestions in order to address them in future editions. If you have comments to share, email us at

The Inspirations News Podcast

Steven Atme, Mark Bergman and Fareed Gul recording a podcast at the English Montreal School Board in February 2020

From left: Steven Atme, Mark Bergman and Fareed Gul recording a podcast at the English Montreal School Board in February 2020.

Have you listened to our podcast? Our host is Mark Bergman, Montreal media personality and radio host and Inspirations’ manager of marketing and outreach, and his podcasts are engaging, entertaining, informative and diverse.

“The Inspirations News Podcast is a chance for the special needs community to have their voices amplified and help make the world a more inclusive place, one episode at a time,” shared Bergman. “I'm inspired every day by the incredible parents, kids, and professionals who join us on the show, and promise that you will be as well!”

It is now easier than ever to access our podcast! Search “Inspirations News” on your favourite podcast app (Apple, Google, iHeart Radio, Buzzsprout and more) or listen directly from our website. Enjoy!

Inspiration Podcast

Our website is now more accessible

 Thanks to a partnership with accessiBe, our website is now more accessible. With one click on the blue icon at the bottom of our home page, you can customize your visit with adaptive tools that support your needs, from visual to ADHD-friendly, cognitive support or seizure-safe profiles.

 accessiBe’s Non-profit Partnership Program provides their basic accessibility features at no cost to non-profits that serve people with disabilities. Special thanks to Sheldon Lewis from accessiBe for bringing this to Inspirations. If you’d like to learn more, email or visit