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JEM Workshop, Promo 21 team up, create work opportunities

JEM Worker Daniel Dubuc proudly shows off his new T-shirt printed by Promo 21.
Montreal - Monday, May 31, 2021

JEM Worker Daniel Dubuc proudly shows off his new T-shirt printed by Promo 21. (Photo, JEM Workshop)

By Cindy Davis

Earlier this winter, JEM Workshop, an adapted enterprise that provides packaging and fulfilment services, created branded T-shirts for their more than 75 workers as a token of appreciation for their hard work. The gesture was part of a larger Winter Wellness Program, where the workers were treated to weekly surprises – from video messages from past volunteers to sweet treats – to provide a sense of positivity and motivation during the cold winter months. The program was supported by Federation CJA’s Mental Health and Isolation Reduction Grant.

When it came time to decide where to print their T-shirts, JEM Workshop knew that Promo 21 would be a perfect fit.

“Hiring Promo 21 was an obvious choice,” said Maia Cooper, executive director of JEM Workshop. “Promo 21 and JEM Workshop share a similar mission, and we both value the employment of individuals with neurodiversity. The collaboration between our two organizations has the potential for tremendous synergies. This particular project allowed JEM Workshop and Promo 21 to begin working together, supporting one another and creating employment opportunities for this population. The bonus was the end result: the printed T-shirts look great, and our workers were so excited to receive them. Promo 21 did a fantastic job!”

Martin Gould, executive director of Promo 21, was happy to take on the project. The custom printing company employs 35 adults with special needs. “We are all in this together! The fact that it is not easy to get contracts, especially during this time of COVID, adaptive workplaces must band together and encourage one another as much as possible and use their services when needed,” he said. “Neurodiverse adults are just as capable as you and me but may require a little more supervision and at times adaptation to the procedures and routines.  Therefore, they should be given the same opportunity to work as much as a neurotypical individual so that they can contribute to the community and increase their self-worth.”

For information, visit jemworkshop.org and promo21.org. 


Kelly Lalonde Bourret of Promo 21 prints a JEM Workshop T-shirt. (Photo, Promo 21)